Penang Murals –Town, Penang

Penang Murals. George Town, Penang has become famous in recent years for its whimsical street art and murals, transforming drab and tatty shophouse walls into tourist attractions in their own right. Other towns in Malaysia, such as Ipoh and Melaka, have noticed Penang’s success and have installed their own versions. This mural on Victoria Street […]

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A Side Of Klang Town That You Never Knew

“Did you have to show them your passport before they let you past the Klang toll?” If I had a sen for every time someone from Kuala Lumpur made fun of me just because I’m from Klang, I would be a Datuk. Masjid Pasar Jawa in Klang. Photo by Chu Wei Sin. The last time […]

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The Edison George Town, Penang

With bubs in tow, we head for ‘cuti-cuti Malaysia’ and last week saw us exploring gastronomic capital of the north, Penang Penang, Penang, famous for phenomenal hawker-fare, languid beaches, expensive real-estate. With so many great hotels to choose from, how does one really pick? Well, this time round we decided to meander away from the […]

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George Town, Penang

One of many cat murals in the city. George Town, Penang is a quirky show of Malaysia’s artistic and culinary pride. Ask anyone and they’ll say this city reigns supreme as far as street food and street art are concerned. The island may only be three hours from the Thai border, but it retains a character […]

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