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Penang Tunnel Museum –Review

Penang Tunnel Museum is an attraction of two parts, part history and part 3D mural art gallery. Ground Floor - History The museum used to be known as The History Museum and was designed as a 'time tunnel' taking visitors back through 400

Penang State Museum

Penang State Museum is the leading official museum for Penang State and it is operated by the Penang State Museum Board which also operates the Penang State Art Gallery. Since 1964 the museum has been housed in a heritage building on

Resort World Langkawi

Infinity Pool Resort World Langkawi Tarikan Terbaru di Pulau Langkawi | Pulau Langkawi bukanlah destinasi asing bagi aku. Sepanjang 6 tahun hidup di Perlis, Pulau Langkawi bagaikan destinasi hujung minggu. Lagipun jarak dari Kuala Perlis…

Airline Review: Malaysia Airlines

Though Malaysia Airlines’ identity has taken a drastic hit after the horrendous disappearance of flight 370 in 2014, the airline’s sterling first-class service doesn’t have to be overlooked. Due to the tragic incident, and the mounting…

Dapur Mekwa Grub Club Malaysia

Dapur Mekwa Grub Club Malaysia Experience and Review We met Hisham (one of the owners of Dapur Mekwa) a couple of years ago during his time in Malaysia Airlines. We were working on a few collaborations with Malaysia Airlines and we have…

The Malaysia Prison Museum Melaka

The Malaysia Prison Museum Melaka is, in my opinion, one of Malaysia’s more interesting museums. Most of us, thankfully, never get to see the inside of a jail. This museum, housed in a real former prison, gives us a chance to appreciate