Resort World Langkawi

Infinity Pool Resort World Langkawi Tarikan Terbaru di Pulau Langkawi | Pulau Langkawi bukanlah destinasi asing bagi aku. Sepanjang 6 tahun hidup di Perlis, Pulau Langkawi bagaikan destinasi hujung minggu. Lagipun jarak dari Kuala Perlis ke Langkawi hanya mengambil masa 30 minit sahaja. Tapi itu kisah lama, kali terakhir aku jejakkan kaki di Pulau Langkawi […]

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Fish Head Curry @ Malaysian Food Street, Resort World Genting

Resort World Genting is not short of places to eat. The main challenge however, is to look for one that is worth your money. Safe to say, a meal up in the hills here will set you back at least RM20/pax if you are dining at a proper sit down restaurant. Of course, you could […]

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The Lost Paradise Resort Is The Best Hotel In Penang

The Lost Paradise Resort located on Penang’s coastal stretch of Batu Feringghi is a bit of an oddball character. If hotels were high school stereotypes, the Shangri-las would be the “rich kids of Instagram”, the budget hotels would be the “normies”  and the Lost Paradise Resort would be that artistic drama club kid who dresses funny. […]

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Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Eagle Ranch Resort is a Wild West themed resort near Port Dickson. There is a lot to do here with a whole range of activities especially for team building groups but also suitable for families. As for accommodation you can choose from a unique selection of themed rooms, chalets, log cabins, even tepees and wagon […]

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The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort Melaka

The final activity for Media Challenge 2.0 is a media visit to the Orchard Wellness & Health Resort Melaka. The existence of the resort was unknown to me until the trip. As our bus passed through the outskirt of Melaka and made its way to the Orchard Wellness & Health Resort, the village life of […]

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Golden Sands Resort, Penang

The beach at Batu Ferringgi is not quite the Maldives, but does tick lots of other boxes: driving distance from KL, plenty of kid-friendly hotels – like the Golden Sands Resort Penang – to choose from and a few excellent kids’ activities in the immediate vicinity. Sounds like a pretty good getaway, right? We were […]

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