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Glass Museum Penang

Glass Museum Penang is a good place to learn about glass making, create your own glass souvenir, shop for quality glass items and take fun photos with some glass-themed 3D art. The parent company of the museum, i-box Design Sdn Bhd,

Penang Asia Comic Cultural Museum

Penang Asia Comic Cultural Museum (PACCM) is an excellent attraction providing an entertaining and educational look at comic history in nine Asian countries and territories: Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore,

Penang Tunnel Museum –Review

Penang Tunnel Museum is an attraction of two parts, part history and part 3D mural art gallery. Ground Floor - History The museum used to be known as The History Museum and was designed as a 'time tunnel' taking visitors back through 400

Wonderfood Museum Penang

Wonderfood Museum is a fun place to see and photograph larger-than-life models of Malaysia's national obsession - food, in all its varied and delicious forms. Giant-sized dishes. Some fun food-themed props are available for taking

Penang State Museum

Penang State Museum is the leading official museum for Penang State and it is operated by the Penang State Museum Board which also operates the Penang State Art Gallery. Since 1964 the museum has been housed in a heritage building on

Penang Toy Museum

The sign outside the Penang Toy Museum says "Welcome to the Largest & Costliest Toy Museum in the World". This may or may not be true but it certainly contains a massive hoard of movie and TV-related models, dolls, figurines and

Penang War Museum

Penang War Museum is an outdoor living war museum which will appeal to fans of military history and anyone who had family members involved in the tragic events in South East Asia during World War Two. The entrance to the museum. As you

Colonial Penang Museum

My go to to Colonial Penang Museum was one thing of a shock. I had anticipated it to be concerning the British colonial interval in Penang however as a substitute this spacious home incorporates a unbelievable assortment of vintage

The Malaysia Prison Museum Melaka

The Malaysia Prison Museum Melaka is, in my opinion, one of Malaysia’s more interesting museums. Most of us, thankfully, never get to see the inside of a jail. This museum, housed in a real former prison, gives us a chance to appreciate