10 Fantastic Heritage Hotels in Malaysia

When you’re craving a getaway but planning a trip is too leceh, there is something in between that hits the sweet spot. A staycation. Spending a nice ‘vacation’ in a great hotel means all the fun, without much planning, budgeting, and packing — and no waiting! If you need a quick getaway after a strenuous […]

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Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum –Melaka

At Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum in Melaka you can tour the gorgeous ancestral home of a wealthy Peranakan family and learn about the unique hybrid culture of the Straits-born Chinese. Baba Chan Cheng Siew (1865-1919) This wonderful townhouse was home to Chan Cheng Siew (1865-1919) and subsequent generations of his family. Chan was a […]

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Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay

Lies in the charming old town of Ipoh, Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay is a boutique accommodation housed in a restored colonial building dating back to the 1930s. Sarang means nest in Malay. While Paloh refers to the dams which were constructed along the Kinta River for fishing purposes. According to the lady who manned the […]

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History of National Museum | Malaysia

History of National Museum National Museum’s original collection of artworks was razed during a World War II bombing but the museum still has an extensive ethnographic and archaeological exhibit on display. Its impressive collection starts out on the ground floor with life-sized dioramas of ritual weddings, traditional Malaysian life (fishing, farming, weaving etc.) taking place […]

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