Bakelalan Airport [Review]

This is a review of the Bakelalan Airport in Sarawak, specially done for anyone who is planning to visit this beautiful highland in northern Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. Bakelalan is one of two main highland towns that offers probably the best of Malaysian Ecotourism and also rural tourism, which is purely community driven […]

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How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls

The Chemerong Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful in Malaysia, and this article shares information about how to get here from Kuala Lumpur or anywhere from the country. First of all, you should know that it is possible to make a day trip here to visit the waterfalls, namely for those who just want […]

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How To Go To The Rainforest World Music Festival

For anyone wanting to know how to go to the Rainforest World Music Festival in Santubong, I have come up with this guide for your convenience. This includes various ways including self driving to the Sarawak Cultural Village. The Rainforest World Music Festival takes place on a yearly basis, and is one of the most […]

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How to get to Subang SkyPark Terminal Airport

For domestic flights from Petaling Jaya, the Subang SkyPark Airport Terminal is the local city airport that services domestic routes in Malaysia via a number of airlines. This has been one of the fast alternatives for those not wanting to travel to KLIA. In May 2018, a new train station opened at Subang SkyPark Terminal, […]

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99 Wonderland Park

A new recreational spot has opened in Kuala Lumpur called the 99 Wonderland Park. This new park is located in the Selayang area of KL and surrounds a beautiful lake. The new tourism attraction was officially opened on 14th March 2018 by the Malaysian prime minister. Currently as the 99 Wonderland Park is a new tourism […]

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