Sydney’s Aqua S Soft Serve Is Opening In Malaysia

aqua s malaysia

Sydney’s best soft serve ice cream parlour is opening in Malaysia soon. Aqua S Soft Serve, the soft serve ice cream parlour that offers unique and wacky flavours started in Sydney CBD and they have expanded to places like Houston, Auckland, Singapore, Phnom Penh and Kuala Lumpur soon.

aqua s sydney
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Aqua S outlet in Sydney (taken in 2016)

Aqua S is opened in 2015 and it has been the talk of the town since. We visited Aqua S in Sydney in 2016 and we have tasted their signature sea salt flavour and also pumpkin soup. The uniqueness of Aqua S are the flavours and also how it complements with the funky toppings and delicious of course. Another key element of success of Aqua S is their food is very Instagrammable. We believe that is a very important element for the younger generations nowadays.

The first Aqua S outlet will be located at the Lower Ground Floor of The Gardens (next to Mid Valley Megamall Shopping Centre). They are planning to open a few outlets by 2019 but it depends on the success of the first outlet in Malaysia.

Why Aqua S is so popular in Sydney?

There are dozens of traditional ice cream parlours in Sydney but not soft serve ice cream. Introducing soft serve ice cream with unique flavours is the key of success for Aqua S.

When Jennifer Lam tasted the sea salt ice cream in Hokkaido, she inspired to do it different in a soft serve. What’s make it more interesting is the toppings such as popping candies, burnt marshmallows, cotton candy and more.

aqua s pumpkin

Aqua S pumpkin soup flavour (taken in 2016)

We tasted two soft serve flavours in Aqua S and they are sea salt flavour and pumpkin soup flavour. The flavours are very unique and you might feel unfamiliar with it. The main flavour is sea salt flavour and the other flavours will change in every couple of weeks so you get new flavours from time to time.

aqua s seasalt

Aqua S sea salt flavour (taken in 2016)

The colours of the soft serve and also the toppings make it very presentable which is important for younger generation as they need to post it on Instagram. The striking colours of their soft serve and how pretty it looks makes Aqua S probably the best soft serve in Sydney.

You don’t have to fly to Sydney anymore as they are planning to open their first out at The Gardens very soon.

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