Ipoh is the capital city of the state of Perak in Malaysia. Despite being the capital city, it has a laid back vibe and  many retirees decided to retire in this city. The late Yasmin Ahmad had thrust the city into the limelight when she shot her famous movies in the city. There are many things to try in Ipoh but what I am sharing are some of the top things to try in the city.

The view of Ipoh city.
The view of Ipoh from M Roof Hotel

There are many places in this city that fulfill the criteria of being hipster. Once, I stayed at M Boutique Hotel and I could feel the hipster environment of the hotel. Now, the boutique hotel has a full-fledged hotel called M Roof Hotel and this hotel is the epitome of hipster hotels in this city. The interior design is very unique and you will not want to get out of the hotel once you are inside!

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M Roof Hotel lobby lounge area.
M Roof Hotel lobby lounge area.

When I heard about New Hollywood, I wonder what is so special about this old-style restaurant? It seems like nothing special until I saw rows of rows of Chinese food with patrons consisting of multiracial Malaysia. New Hollywood is a truly 1 Malaysia restaurant where everyone put ethnicity aside and just enjoy the food.

New Hollywood full with customers.
New Hollywood at Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, Taman Canning.

Colonial and pre-war buildings are abundance in Ipoh and they are all in good condition. It is a good idea to have a walkabout along the old town area after breakfast, especially when it is not too hot. Take some photos because they will surely look good!

My wife in front of Arlene House.
This is my wife. This is not her house and her name is not Arlene.

Nellie’s is a restaurant at the city’s old town where all the hipster buildings are. Nellie’s has local food and Western options. At first glance, I was shocked to see the price as it is on a higher side. Wait until the food come because the portion can actually be consumed by two persons! The taste? Splendid! The ambiance? Superb!

Try nasi Ulam with ayam percik at Nellie's.
Nasi Ulam with ayam percik at Nellie’s.

Just outside Nellie’s is the famous Iceball Stall called Bits & Bobs. Iceball or Ais Kepal in Bahasa Malaysia is the grandfather of Ais Kacang. It is hard to find nowadays but thanks to Bits & Bobs, younger generations can now get a taste of it.

Ais Kepal!