KFC Malaysia Crispy Tenders Dunk and Dip Review

kfc dunk dip

KFC Malaysia launched a new product recently and it is called Cripsy Tenders Dunk and Dip. The tag line for this is ‘Taste the fun’. For 3 piece ala-carte, it is priced at RM 6.90 and since there is almost no one talk about this new product, let us check out what is this Crispy Tenders Dunk and Dip is all about.

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Before we talk about this new Crispy Tenders Dunk and Dip, we did a video on their previous promotional product which is KFC Nacho Cheezy Crunch.

To be honest, we thought KFC Nacho Cheezy Crunch is weird. The nachos added the crispy texture but it starts to take away the original taste of the chicken. The presentation of the chicken is also odd looking.

Now, let’s watch our video on KFC Malaysia Crispy Tenders Dunk and Dip.

kfc malaysia crispy tenders dunk and dip

This dip called Smokey Zesty Dip that taste so weird. It tastes like BBQ sauce but it is not and the taste is so strong and weird, you don’t want to dip into it anymore. The crackling rice pops comes with spicy after taste and if you eat everything together, you can only taste the Smokey Zesty Dip and the crunchy texture of crackling rice pops. Three pieces of chicken tenders Dunk and Dip for RM 6.90? Sorry guys, no more second time for this!

kfc malaysia dunk and dip

We love the Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy chicken but not this Crispy Tenders Dunk and Dip. KFC Malaysia have been trying hard to create a new product to impress but so far it is nothing but ‘syiok sendiri’. We will stick with their fried chicken regardless of all these new ‘products’. By the way, we enjoyed their crispy potato fries too.


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